About Us

Our Mission

To reach out to people with disability and to empower them through advocacy support, and education.


  • VODA will advocate for the rights of people with impairments and disabilities.
  • VODA will educate and advocate for full implementation of the Disabilities Act of India, and other legislation to include full participation of disabled in society for all kids and adults, regardless of the nature of their disability.
  • VODA will work with professionals, and policy makers to address the needs and concerns of disabled.


  • VODA will work with government, non-profit organizations, schools and other group to provide awareness, education, and assistive technology devices to individual’s in need.
  • VODA will work for women with disability whose concerns are not acknowledged or addressed.
  • VODA will support the families who have children with special needs and be their advocate for their inclusion in community and regular schools.


  • VODA will develop and distribute educational resources, and create a library to understand the rights of a disabled and be knowledgeable in gaining their clinical care.
  • VODA will create a forum for equal access and opportunity for disabled both at work and in community.